Critics’ Picks

burn-time, 2001.


Simon Starling: “burn time”

Linienstraße 155
April 18–May 23

What came first: the chicken or the egg? The Glasgow-based artist Simon Starling would probably answer, the Bauhaus designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld. In anticipation of his first solo show in Berlin, Starling made a model of the neoclassical building that houses the Wagenfeld Museum in Bremen, and used it last year as a chicken coop at a farm in Scotland. Starling even takes the migratory process one step further: Eggs from the Scottish farm are being cooked in Wagenfeld’s glass egg-coddlers in a brick oven, itself a model of the gallery building, which used to house a furnace. Both models are on display, but, alas, the chickens were not allowed to make the trip.