Critics’ Picks

Marcius Galan, Reverse Drawing, 2015, cut wall and painted iron, 41 x 3 x 41".


“Site, Specific, Objects”

Galerija Gregor Podnar
Alt-Moabit 110
September 16–November 7

Brazil and Croatia might be continents apart, but they share a strong history of Concretism. This exhibition brings together three artists rooted in these locales working in the same tradition, each with a distinctive approach to abstraction. Goran Petercol is the most gestural of the bunch: His Reaches and Half of Interspace (all works cited, 2015), for instance, is a large charcoal drawing consisting of black horizontal and vertical lines intersecting to form both upper- and lower-case T shapes, eventually concluding with a rendering of a large phallic crayon at the right end. His Halves of Reaches and Half of Gesture, on the other hand, focuses on spherical forms. Marcius Galan, born in the US but based in Brazil and the youngest of the three artists here, has taken a narrow rectangular strip out of the gallery wall and laid it on the floor, creating a ninety-degree angle with the missing piece for Reverse Drawing: A magnificently contrived accident and a complete sentence, all in one.

Fernanda Gomes’s untitled works consist of tiny pieces of wood with thin coats of white paint all mounted to the wall in disparate arrangements—a quiet gesture that packs quite the poetic punch; another of her works, made out of plastic and wire, resembles a single pony hair mysteriously protruding from the wall. A revelation: Minimalism can actually be cute!