Critics’ Picks

“Sliv & Dulet Enterprises.” Installation view.

San Francisco

Sliv & Dulet Enterprises

New Langton Arts
1246 Folsom Street
June 25–July 26

In a tanking economy, industriousness doesn't necessarily evaporate as quickly as employment opportunities. There's something innately human about the urge to work, which accounts for the appeal of the funky extravaganza that is Sliv & Dulet Enterprises. Kyle Sliv & Burt Dulet, aka Jon Brumit and Marc Horowitz, turned an art space into a “creative services” center and invited twenty-three artists to set up shop there for weeklong stints during the course of the show. The “workers” sit at makeshift desks and occupy themselves contriving DIY. air conditioners or infomercials for the United Starving Artists Fund. Wednesday-night product-launch parties celebrate the fruits of their labors. Staking out their own territory in the zone of artists who riff on the concept of work and blur the boundaries between art and commerce, Sliv & Dulet manage to tap into an energizing, messy, creative spirit. They make fine use of the current glut of office furniture, indoor plants, and other dot-com detritus, borrowing from overstocked rental companies and scavenging cartons full of office supplies from the local dump. Their project’s success depends on the active participation of people who can spend their afternoons hanging out, offering off-the-cuff critiques, and soaking up the enterprising vibe. It's a rollicking, democratic event, and you, too, can participate: As part of their Fax-In Project, the artists have issued an invitation to all interested parties to transmit something—anything—to 415-462-1999. Send ’em something, and be assured they'll make good use of it.