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View of Sudarshan Shetty, “Leaving Home,” 2008.

View of Sudarshan Shetty, “Leaving Home,” 2008.


Sudarshan Shetty

Galerie Krinzinger
Seilerstätte 16
September 18–November 8, 2008

A bloodlike liquid drips out of holes in a television screen, the skeleton of a dog bends over the side of a wooden mattress frame, countless pairs of sunglasses slowly move from left to right and back again, and a white substance flows down the sides of a display case filled with bread: Sudarshan Shetty’s mechanical sculptures are enormously powerful images. The artist, who lives in Bombay, titled this impressive and intense exhibition “Leaving Home.” What is home? The materials are drawn from the everyday. Objects that initially seem harmless evoke, at second glance, a world of highly contradictory feelings: The bread is ceramic, the implied gaze of the sunglasses is mechanical, the dog is long dead. In the first room, robotic contraptions repeatedly dunk neatly pressed suits into a milky potion. A giant penis perpetually penetrates a small, idyllic model house stationed farther back in the space, nightmarishly enacting Nietzsche’s eternal return. These sculptures speak of a life as emotional as the works themselves; they are full of reminiscences, absences, repetitions—reasons to leave home.