Critics’ Picks

Valeska Soares, Untitled (Corner Piece) (detail), 2004.

Valeska Soares, Untitled (Corner Piece) (detail), 2004.

New York

“The Fine Line (Between Something and Nothing)”

Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects
401 Broadway Suite 404
July 8–August 27, 2004

In this group show, line becomes the catalyst for meditating on materiality or the range of possibilities that exist between such stolid categories as “something” and “nothing.” Betsy Kaufman’s subtle watercolors use line to explore the relationship of figure and ground—and the merger of the two. Juan Iribarren’s ink-jet prints contain shadows of images that suggest openings into space, and Valeska Soares’s lines drawn in silver marker on rectangular porcelain plates spill onto the wall or connect stick figures described with just a few marks. Drawings by Fred Sandback and Wolfgang Laib aren’t particularly interesting in their own right, but they serve as metonymies for the artists’ sculptural installations, which use the wispiest of materials (yarn for Sandback, pollen or milk for Laib) to mark and sculpt space. Working in the same vein is Tom Friedman, who is responsible for the only (quasi-) three-dimensional work in the show: a dusting of pink eraser shavings on the floor that suggests a circle simultaneously forming and disintegrating.