Critics’ Picks

Paper Moon, 2002.

Paper Moon, 2002.


Tomorrow's Fish & Chips

Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin
Leipziger Strasse 56
March 1–March 25, 2002

AUTOCENTER offers much more than just spare parts. This month, the new exhibition space and program run by artists Joep van Liefland and Maik Schierloh hosts “Tomorrow’s Fish & Chips,” an exceptional show of works on and in paper by ten Berlin-based artists. Olafur Eliasson pursues his passion for Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes with Paper Moon, 2002, a cardboard sphere with movable magnetic pieces. The work takes urban planning to a global scale by allowing spectators to attach aerial shots of surburban sprawl on images of waterfalls on the surface of the sphere. Lucio Auri also plays with scale by offering an architectural model of what appears to be a multilevel parking lot—all perched atop a plastic beer mug. Lara Schnitger explores the girl world with a printed-paper collage of a bikini-clad woman, while Matthew Monahan offers pencil-drawn portraits on wrinkled paper. Despite their differences, almost all the works in the show are obstinately low-tech and small scale, inviting the viewer for a closer look instead of presenting the big picture. Far from returning to “the basics,” these artists use paper as a multifunctional medium that can approach sculpture and even installation, despite its fragility.