Critics’ Picks

Still from Just Visiting This Planet, 2005.


Tova Mozard

Marmara Pera Hotel, Mesrutiyet Caddesi, Tepebasi
July 13–August 14, 2006

Located atop the Marmara Pera Hotel, “Yama” (Patch) is a standard Lumacom advertising screen that has been repurposed as a platform for public art. Sylvia Kouvali is the first curator to organize a yearlong series of videos made by international and local artists, each of which faces the particular challenges of this very public site: The work is only visible at night, with no sound, and must be made in accordance with the specifications of the display. Working with the spectacular nature of the presentation and the hectic rhythms of the city below, her program, “. . . as long as it’s dark . . . ,” recently opened with Just Visiting This Planet, 2005, by Swedish artist Tova Mozard. The piece is a visual representation of interviews the artist conducted with members of a Los Angeles–based science-fiction fan club; their words and emotions are filtered through one of the most internationally recognized technical languages—the screensaver. Choreographed to the anecdotes, which can be heard alongside the video in a secondary presentation in the hotel’s lobby, the decorative patterns of light are in fact more seductive when liberated from their source material, set free in the night sky to interact with the sounds of the city.