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Mellow Road, 2001.

Mellow Road, 2001.


Ueli Etter

Zwinger Galerie
Mansteinstrasse 5
June 10, 2013–August 30, 2001

Swiss artist Ueli Etter’s park offers many paths to follow, but none are what you’d encounter on your average stroll through the local urban green. Instead, they have names such as Desperado Drive, Mellow Road, and Big Gender Junction. In other words, this ongoing multimedia project features elaborate plans that will never be realized. The most recent installment presents a series of impressive color drawings that take urban planning to new heights with landscapes and buildings made for emotionally turbulent and sexually charged lives. At the Tunnel of Love, for example, a body riddled with holes becomes a makeshift fountain; surreal forms congregate in the Sentimental Library. Documentation of the project, including general rules for park etiquette, has been published in a German-English edition, The Park/Der Park. Your Final Entertainment (Vice Versa Verlag, 2001).