Critics’ Picks

Roy Arden, Solar, 2005.

Los Angeles

Untitled group exhibition

Richard Telles Fine Art
7380 Beverly Blvd
September 9–October 14

Though September typically denotes an end to summer’s onslaught of emerging-artist group exhibitions, Richard Telles bucks convention to introduce his gallery artists at the start of each new season. As in Septembers past, Lecia Dole-Recio, Lisa Lapinski, Thomas Eggerer, and Richard Hawkins are featured, this year alongside Ginny Bishton, Roy Arden, and Nate Hylden. Characterized by forward-thinking abstraction and subtle figuration, the showcased paintings, collages, silk screens, and photographs have little to do with any overriding theme, but rather benefit from the understated, unexpected exchanges that occur between individual works. The tidy repeating circular planes of Ginny Bishton’s photo collage resonate in the pleasantly messy circles of Lecia Dole-Recio’s cardboard and paint composition (both works Untitled, 2006). Dole-Recio’s striking brand of abstraction (crafty layers and constructed shadows) stands out even in this small, papery piece. In Richard Hawkins’s The Drunken Sailor, 2003, thick patches of fleshy oil paint stroke a finger-size hole in the surface of the canvas. Hawkins’s painting gives vigor to Roy Arden’s otherwise dry photograph of an unkempt hydrangea bush, the punctum of both works becoming erotic sites. Not all of the works on view so readily communicate their relationships, but most possess broad appeal in and of themselves.