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 Princess goes to bed with a mountain bike #7, 2001.

Princess goes to bed with a mountain bike #7, 2001.


Vibeke Tandberg

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March 9–May 19, 2002

It’s Vibeke Tandberg month in Berlin. At c/o Atle Gerhardsen, the Oslo-based artist presents “Princess Goes To Bed With A Mountain Bike,” 2001, a series of eight large-scale color photographs that tell a modern tale of customer satisfaction. Tandberg appears in these as a blond princess in a bathrobe who woos and is wooed by her mountain bike until both fall into a deep slumber, evidently under the spell of commodity fetishism. On view at Klosterfelde is “Sunflowers,” 2001, a series of eleven color photographs that tell another story: Here, the artist walks to the edge of a massive sunflower field and digs up one flower, only to replant it a few steps away from its original spot. The video Taxi Driver Too, 2000, is also on display—Tandberg’s homage to Robert De Niro’s character in Taxi Driver, reenacted from the safety of the passenger seat. In both exhibitions, Tandberg uses role-playing and doubles to close the gap between fantasy and reality, slyly confounding the difference between paradise and earthly pleasures.

At c/o Atle Gerhardsen from March 9 through May 19, 2002. At Klosterfelde from March 9 through April 27, 2002.