Critics’ Picks

The Truth Will Be Far Stranger, 2001.

New York

Yorgo Alexopolous

Bronwyn Keenan Gallery
3 Crosby Street
June 21 - August 3

New York artist Yorgo Alexopolous’s first solo show contemplates the various ways in which science has been mythologized and (mis)interpreted in our culture. Upon entering the gallery, we see Rising Invader, 2001, a large, glossy painting of a pulsating planetary surface viewed from the space-black sky far above it. Dominating the installation is a nine-foot sculpture, The Truth Will Be Far Stranger, 2001. Constructed entirely from LEGOs, Alexopolous’s monolith offers an amusing antidote to the heavy Minimalist cube, but also contains other mysteries: Embedded in its shiny black surface, blips of red, green, and yellow LEGOs map out the square roots of one, two, and three, and visualize a radio signal sent to another galaxy 25,000 light-years away back in 1974. Other motifs include the wall-mounted retro Space Control Panel, 2001, which recalls simplified plastic props from 1950s sci-fi films and television shows, and a group of monitors that flash imagery based on graphics from arcade games like Asteroids. These serve up nostalgia perfectly suited to a summer show.