Critics’ Picks

Tulip, 2004.

New York

Yoshihiro Suda

D'Amelio Gallery
525 West 22nd Street
February 21–April 3

With their deft placement high above eye level, Yoshihiro Suda’s diminutive wooden flowers (one to each room) engender a surprisingly broad range of reaction. The front gallery, painted classic white, greets viewers with a beatific rose; the dusky green inner room, with a lush, languishing tulip. Though remarkably lifelike, Suda’s flowers nevertheless sustain an unreality—not just because each is a composite of many flowers, but because blooms of this kind have long been far removed from the natural world. The well-known varieties have been shaped, generation after generation, to reflect the temperaments of their growers; and Suda’s figurettes loom above us, patiently wondering where those masters have gone.