PRINT August 1962


FROM THE NORTHWEST COAST Indian art exhibition at the Seattle World’s Fair:

Figure of an Eagle (above) The top of a ceremonial staff was ornamented with an eagle, the crest for clans as well as families. He is characterized by the curved beak. The figure is painted in white, black and yellow and is ornamented with human hair said to be taken from the heads of slaves killed in ceremonies when this object was displayed. Tlingit. 8 inches high.

Borrowed from the University Museum, University of Pennsylvania. Collected by Louis Shotridge.

Headdress Frontlet (cover) The center front of a ceremonial headdress is carved of wood and inlaid with haliotis shell. The face represents an owl. Haida, Skidegate village, Queen Charlotte Islands. 6 3/4 in. by 3 in. deep.

Borrowed from the National Museum of Canada, Ottawa. Collected by Aaronson.