PRINT August 1962

“Visitor’s Preview”

PAINTINGS BY MEMBERS of the San Francisco Art Institute, drawn from work brought into the Art Bank on the occasion of the recent visit of Lloyd Goodrich, director of the Whitney Museum in New York, and James Elliot, curator of the Los Angeles County Museum, who were in San Francisco to select a New York exhibition of West Coast art. Hence the title. Each artist selected what he considered his best and latest work, making a show with all the aspects of a county fair exhibit—especially since the gallery is small and the pictures are arranged informally. The Art Bank was founded by the Institute with a Rockefeller Foundation grant and one of its functions is to provide visitors a centralized place for evaluation of Bay Area art. A discerning visitor would take a rather dim view of local artists from this particular selection. However hard the display men have tried to lift it by interesting arrangement, the tone of the show is mediocre. A few of the artists who do not suffer from poverty of ideas are Louis Siegriest, Edna Stoddard, Frank Johnson, George Miyasaki, Beth van Hoesen and David Tolerton.

—E. M. Polley