PRINT November 1962



The spread on imagery and illusion by Josine Kline in Artforum (Vol. 1, No. 5) is a very excellent one but it suffered from one very serious omission.

The fact that the original illustrations and in many cases the actual equipment shown in the various photographs and referred to in the article are all on permanent display at the Lytton Center of the Visual Arts at 8150 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, is a matter that, we believe, would be of more than passing interest to your readers, especially those in the Los Angeles area who may not yet be aware of this splendid museum. You do mention the fact that the materials depicted are from the Bart Lytton collection, but their existence at the Center which is open free of charge to the public is ignored.

Yours truly,
Ben Irwin
Los Angeles

With the potential within the Los Angeles area as an art community where the interest is gradually broadening locally as well as nationally, it seems to me that there is no place for the provincial behavior of artists, dealers, museums and critics alike.

These departments of our art community are equally and directly responsible to each other and to the public. The art viewing and buying public from all walks of life is, in general, a sincere and honest group of people endeavoring to learn, understand and if not like, at least appreciate the efforts of the styles of art that make up a rich and healthy art center.

To undermine, through political gymnastics, the integrity of an art community by promoting any one particular style or trend is dangerous to the community and slows down the recognition that is coming to the area despite selfish ends. A minor cancer can only slow the growth of an organ.

—Paul Rivas
Paul Rivas Gallery
Los Angeles

I have before me two issues of the magazine Artforum corresponding to the months of July and August. By its presentation and content, Artforum is without doubt one of the best publications of its kind in the United States. It is only regrettable that in the story that corresponds to Mexico, Toby Joysmith in the July issue makes several errors. She begins by combining relevant names in the young Mexican plastic movement with those completely uninteresting and little known. After calling me a “surrealist,” she attributes “non-surrealist” influences to my work and finishes by associating me to a pictorial movement called “the Presence” (!)

I believe that in Mexico and other places, I have reiterated my absolute independence in maintaining myself out side a group or “movement.”

Jose Luis Cuevas
Mexico City

I’ve gotten a copy of the September issue every day for two weeks. Who does your mailing—the Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

—Robert Trupin

Why haven't I received the current issue?

Louis Siegriest

I subscribed in July and haven't paid you yet. Please bill me.

Bill Cunningham
San Francisco

I PAID you.

Nathaniel Lehrman
New York

(Ladies and Gentlemen: Bigger and better mailing house. Bigger and better billing service. Bigger and better distributors. Bigger and better presses. Bigger and better mix-ups. But the future is rosy: bear with us. ED.)