PRINT November 1962

Sam Francis: Four Drawings

MALICE IN BLUE (Fragments for Sam)
By Yoshiaki Tono

blue, stripped off from the cruel Mediterranean
blue, a drowned bird’s retina peeled off the Catalan sky
blue, fevered with B-type influenza in Tokyo
blue, cut off by the silhouettes of the shabby buildings on Tenth Street
blue, Hokusai imprisoned among the swelling waves
blue, shot and frozen into crystal by a gaze of the rain-god Chac in Mayan ruins
blue, glimpsed by SAS JET scattered among the glaciers of the North Pole
blue, a beautiful negro boy conceals behind the iris
blue bloody brain brimming over with the transparent malice
blue bursting laughter of Cheshire cat swallowed Alice
blue hates blue loves blue curses blue sighs blue hymns blue hangs blue goes
blue balls blue poles blue microbes blue balloons blue kidneys blue nothing
bloody recognition evokes a dialogue in blue
leaves invisible flower-petals fallen from blue
un deux trois quatre cinq six sept et blue
evaporated cathedral crashed up to the firmament blue