PRINT July 1963

Three San Francisco Artists: Lori Lawyer

LORI LAWYER’S WORK REFLECTS her interest in Bruegel the Elder, Bosch and the late pictures of James Ensor. Her paintings have undiluted expressionist intensity, conjuring up the core of northern European art.

The growth of her work over the last three years displays a widening of personal subject matter, a more complex structural organization of the picture plane, and an expansion of her format. All this while attending the San Francisco Art Institute, where her independent esthetic search separated her pictorial style from other graduate students, mainly because her work lacked any close affinities with the usual variation on a Bay Area neo-realist theme. Her deter­mination to forge a truly personal style even as a student, has resulted in a solid body of work that has been built slowly, with ever increasing sureness and expressive power. Such accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Miss Lawyer’s paintings have been included in numerous juried shows in the Bay Area within the past two years.

Intuition, coupled with an imagination that can dissolve a remembered event into a memorable pictorial fantasy, is the key to Miss Lawyer’s oeuvre. Paint for her is a summation of both waking and sleeping life, unimpeded by logical barriers or outer­-directed decisions.

James Monte