PRINT November 1963

A Reg Butler Retrospective in Kentucky

THE FIRST RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION EVER to be held of the works of British sculptor Reg Butler has been organized by the J. B. Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. Approximately 100 works have been selected, ranging in time from 1949 to the present, and including a considerable number of works from the artist’s own collection never before shown. Other works have been loaned by British and American museums as well as private collectors such as Governor Nelson Rockefeller, Joseph H. Hirshhorn and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rothschild. The exhibition will be seen in Louisville only, from October 22 thru December 1.

Art is made by men. I must confess to a very great interest in mankind and this interest has made me highly vulnerable to the intense humanity, virility of mind and technical dexterity of Reg Butler. The exhibition organized by the J. B. Speed Art Museum is calculated to reveal something of these qualities in depth, as well as present a retrospective view of his past work and attempt to project into the future with his “work in progress.”

Butler’s sculpture is completely humanistic with, at the same time, unreserved acceptance of the contemporary idiom. It is very easy to read into it allusions to his earlier experience as an architect and relate it to the work of other, older contemporaries. His work lies, more securely than that of most artists, in that happy area of reconciliation between esthetics and life.

Addison Franklin Page,
Director J.B. Speed Art Museum