PRINT November 1963

News and Announcements

JAMES M. BROWN OF CORNING, New York, has been named Director of the new Oakland Museum. Mr. Brown will be the administrative head of the six-million dollar institution, which comprises an Art Museum, a Cultural Museum and a Natural History Museum. Currently Director of the Corning Glass Center, he has previously served as Director of the William A. Farnsworth Museum in Maine, Assistant Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, and Assistant to the Director of the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, in Washington, D.C. Mr. Brown is a graduate of Amherst College and received graduate training in the history of art and museum administration at Harvard University. . . . Erik Gronberg has been awarded the Prize of the City of Paris at the recent Paris Biennale. . . . James Harithas has recently been appointed Curator of Collection of the Phoenix Art Museum. Mr. Harithas was previously associated with the University of Pennsylvania and the DeCordova Museum in Massachusetts. . . . Sculpture awards at the recent Richmond Print and Sculpture Annual went to Erik Gronberg, Mel Henderson, Robert McLean and Gerhard Nicholson. Print awards went to Wesley Chamberlin, Charles Gill, J. Ruocco, John Richard, Julie Simmonds, and Victor Harlow. Juror for sculpture was Donald Haskin, for prints, Robert Bechtle. . . . The American Federation of Arts has announced that the Ford Foundation has approved a grant of $172,000 for the establishment of a fund for one-month residencies for American artists in small and medium-size museums throughout the United States. The artist will receive a grant of $1,000 plus travel expenses and maintenance during his month’s residence. The program calls for twenty-seven artists per year to be granted residencies, for a period of three years. . . . Artforum staff writers Rosalind G. Wholden and Joanna C. Magloff have been appointed Los Angeles correspondent for Arts Magazine and San Francisco correspondent for ARTnews Magazine, respectively.

Ralph Altman has been appointed Curator of Ethnic Collections at UCLA, signaling the initiation of a major program devoted to gathering and cataloging the various collections of ethnic materials owned by the University. Altman, a specialist in primitive art, will close the well-known Los Angeles gallery which he and his wife had been operating since 1946 . . . $4,500 in prize awards were distributed to 17 artists at the Otis Art Institute opening of the California Watercolor Society’s 43rd Annual. The top $1,000 Lytton Savings and Loan award went to Rose Baumruker for her painting, Poppies". Various $500 awards were presented to James L. Odgers, Nick Brigante, Clinton Adams, and John Kwok.