PRINT Summer 1964

The Occidental College Gallery

THE GALLERY PROGRAM AT Occidental College is aimed primarily at supplementing the liberal arts curriculum of the institution and at expanding the experience of its majors in the department of art. Within such a frame of reference, it is also concerned with its influence on the community as a progressive educational force, and with its obligation to the practicing artist in providing him with an opportunity to be seen.

The major exhibition area, located in the foyer of Thorne Hall, furnishes ninety-five running feet of wall space which is supplemented by additional eighty-foot accommodations for display in the corridor of the art building. The gallery program has been confined largely to contemporary material locally available. Seven monthly shows, in addition to an annual student exhibition, are scheduled during the regular academic year. The presentation of a wide variety of both media and stylistic approaches is consciously planned. New talent, as well as established painters, sculptors, printmakers, and graphic artists, is sought. Exhibitors are often asked to meet with students in informal gallery sessions, when a free flow of questions and answers can take place.

Important exhibitions of the past few years have included: “Art or Anti-Art?” a part of the 1964 Festival of Fine Arts; “The San Francisco School,” 1963; “Drawings by Jose Luis Cuevas,” 1962; “4 Artists, 4 Directions, 3 Media,” organized for the 1962 Fine Arts Festival and the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Occidental College; “Bay Printmakers 6th National Print Annual” and “The Architecture of Felix Candela,” both lent by the Western Association of Art Museums in 1961; “Buildings by Richard Neutra and Sculpture by George Baker,” and “Paintings by Rico Lebrun,” both in 1959; and “Mexican Influences,” a 1958 exhibition and one of several shows done in collaboration with the annual Southwest Conferences that were held at the college.

A few of the artists given one-man shows during the last ten years have been: Charles White (1964), Frank Sardisco (1963), Robert Chuey (1962), Frederick Hammersley (1962), Clinton Adams (1961), Robert Johnson (1961), Spencer Moseley (4960), James Fuller (1959), Karl Benjamin (1958), Ernest Freed (1957), Richards Ruben (1956), Fritz Faiss (1955), Hans Burkhardt (1954), Sueo Serisawa (1954), and Leonard Edmondson (1953). In addition, two years ago Occidental College embarked on a program of including in its annual exhibition schedule a group show from one of the faculties of its neighboring institutions.

Constance Perkins