PRINT November 1965



My friend Friedel Dzubas was somewhat inaccurate in his interview with Max Kozloff in the September, 1965 number of Artforum, about what went on when Meyer Schapiro and I went around choosing our “New Talent” show for the Kootz Gallery in New York in the spring of 1950. There was, in fact, very little disagreement between Dr. Schapiro and myself. It’s true that all the paintings we saw in Franz Kline’s place were in “color,” but it’s also true that we both found ourselves rejecting them. I happened to light, somewhere in the studio, on two line drawings in black pencil (I’m not sure; they may have been in ink) on white paper, and Dr. Schapiro immediately agreed with me in preferring them. Our only disagreement was about which of the two to pick for the show. He wanted the smaller one, I the larger one. Dr. Schapiro asked Kline himself to decide, and he—quite naturally, I thought, putting myself in his place—chose the larger one. That’s all there was to it.

My conjecture is that it was Kline himself, later on (at the Cedar Street Tavern), who was partly responsible for the account that Mr. Dzubas gives of our visit to his studio. That account may be flattering to me but it is, I repeat, inaccurate.

—Clement Greenberg
New York, N. Y.