PRINT February 1966

Auction Calendar

Feb. 8: Watches and Mathematical Instruments. The property of C. H. Bois, Esq., The Hon Mrs. David Bowlby, Count Clary, James Lilley, Esq., Mrs. Hugh Montgomery, Lady Spencer-Churchill, G.B.E., Dennis Ward, Esq., and others.

Feb. 9: Fine Printed Books.

Feb. 10: English and Continental Furniture, Objects of Art, Eastern Rugs and Carpets.

Feb. 11: Pictures by Old Masters. The property of the late Captain E. G. Spencer-Churchill, M. C., and others.

Feb. 14: English and Continental Porcelain.

Feb. 15: English and Continental Enamels and Objects of Art and Vertu. The property of Mrs. Ian Menzies, Captain A. Parker Smith, the late Rupert Gunnis, Esq., the late Captain E. G. Spencer Churchill, M. C., and others.

Feb. 16: Old English Silver. The property of the Rt. Hon. Lady SpencerChurchill, G.B.E., Dennis Ward, Esq., The Hon. Mrs. A. Henley, and others.

Feb. 17: English Furniture, Objects of Art, Tapestries, Eastern Rugs and Carpets. The property of Mrs. P. C. Cockburn, the late Cecil Francis Millar, Esq., and others.

Feb. 18: 19th Century Narrative and Landscape Pictures.

Feb. 21-23: Japanese Netsuke. The property of an American Museum.

Feb. 23: Fine Jewels.

Feb. 24: French and Other Continental Furniture, and Works of Art. The property of Lady Spencer-Churchill, G.B.E., Miss Leslie Caron, the late H. E. Backer, Esq., and others.

Feb. 24: Fine Printed Books.

Feb. 25: Pictures by Old Masters from the Northwick Park Collection. The property of the late Captain E. G. Spencer-Churchill, M. C.

Feb. 28: Fine English Porcelain, Wedgewood and English Pottery. The property of A. Storey, Esq., Sir John and Lady Wedgwood, Count Guy de Pelet, Mrs. Maud Wentworth-Sheilds, and others.