PRINT February 1966

New Work

OSCILLATOR #5: Random patterns of oscillation are produced by an offsetter cam which oscillates between five springs. Other oscillators are made with six or seven springs, producing a different pattern of oscillation. This piece has a photosensitive feedback system which makes the speed of the oscillator depend on the closeness of the spectator.

ORBITING ROTATING BALL: This piece has a brass rod with a ball on the top that rotates around the form, which is a helix. The plastic light tube pipes light up the side of the piece in a random, flashing pattern. The work is a continuation of explorations of mathematical figures which I have been working with for some time.

ACT OF LOVE: A small red ball detaches itself from the parent ball and moves toward an “erogenous zone” on the neighboring ball. It crawls around the zone for a while and then returns. The metal parts are stainless steel, polished and machine-finished.

BLUE SEVEN: The “seven” figure approaches the black ball slowly, and, at the nearest approach the ball commences to “react” with violent agitation. The seven withdraws. This piece, as well as the two spheres in “Act of Love,” are a new direction I have been interested in, where the mechanical parts move and inter-react in a non-machine-like way, giving the sensation of responses that are more human and behavioral. The ball is black wrinkle finish, the base is bright red, and the seven is blue.