PRINT December 1966

Museum Calendar


San Francisco Museum of Art: Ihle, Cook to 12/11; Smith to 12/18; Anderson thru Dec.; Christmas Festival from 12/9 to 12/18; Hare from 12/13; 41st Annual of Women Artists from 12/17.

Lowie Museum, Berkeley: Japanese rubbings through Dec.; Philippine art from 12/20.

U.C. Berkeley, Museum: Pascin to 12/18.

U.C. Berkeley, Kroeber Hall: Munch to 12/16; Graduate exhibit from 12/20.

Oakland Art Museum: Graphics to 12/ 24; East Bay Art Assoc. from 12/31.

M. H. de Young Museum, San Francisco: Okada to 12/11; Oriental rugs to 12/; Potters 14th Annual to 12/18.

Richmond Art Center: Beall to 12/23; Allan, Anderson, Nauman to 12/23.

E. B. Crocker Gallery, Sacramento: 13th Annual Exhibit to 12/31.

Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park, S.F.: Brown thru Dec.; Villon from 12/17; Age of Rembrandt thru Dec.


Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Man Ray, Picasso, Albers thru Dec.

U.C.L.A.: Ponti thru 12/11.

Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego: Time Portraiture to 12/3; Folk Arts of Japan thru Dec.; Near Eastern rugs from 12/9; Latin American Art from 12/9.

Pasadena Art Museum: Cornell, Dec.; Tuttle from 12/5.

COLORADO: Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center: Gems from 12/1 to 12/31; Drawings from 12/1; J. A. Smith, Jr. Collection from 12/1.

CONNECTICUT: Larry Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield: J.G. Powers Collection to 12/11.

MASSACHUSETTS: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Cosindas to 12/11; Arts of India & Nepal thru Dec.

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston: Prints from 12/2.

MINNESOTA: Walker Art Center: Ambiguous Image to 12/4.

MISSOURI : Nelson Gallery, Kansas City: Art That Performs to 12/4.

NEW YORK: Museum of Modern Art: Epstein & Van Vechten gifts to 12/4; Japanese art thru Dec.

S. R. Guggenheim Museum: Dubuffet thru Dec.

Jewish Museum: Reinhardt thru Dec.

Whitney Museum: Permanent Collection from 12/2; Whitney Annual from 12/12.

NEBRASKA: Joslyn Art Museum: Miller to 12/31; Art Across America from 12/4.

University of Nebraska: Decker, Feldman to 12/25.

OHIO: Cleveland Museum: Treasures from Medieval France thru Dec.; Lichtenstein to 12/25.

Cleveland Institute: AIGA Packaging from 12/4 to 12/18. Allen Museum, Oberlin: Biennial Purchase Show to 12/16.

PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia Museum: Manet to 12/11; Instructors Exhibit to 12/12; Les Supremes Bon Ton from 12/16.

TEXAS: Texas University Museum, Austin: 28th Annual Art Faculty Exhibit from 12/4.

UTAH: Salt Lake Art Center: 6th Annual Craft Exhibit to 12/21; Squires to 12/21.

WASHINGTON: Seattle Art Museum: Ancient Art to 12/31; Toys to 12/31; Bible in Art thru Dec.

Seattle Museum Pavilion: 52nd Annual to 12/4; Architects Honor Awards from 12/8.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Washington Gallery of Modern Art: Parker, Pavia to 12/3 1. Corcoran Gallery: Contemporary Peruvian Art to 12/18; Downing from 12/6.

CANADA : Vancouver Art Gallery: Vancouver Between the Eyes thru Dec.