PRINT September 1967

Bruce Conner Makes a Sandwich

THE ARTIST’S KITCHEN IS ON the third floor of a Brookline, Massachusetts, apartment house. The room has a north window and a west window, a north door to the porch and an east door to the hallway and a south door to a small pantry passageway. There are yellow and white cotton curtains in the doorways. There is a closet with a cupboard in it. Yellow walls, white woodwork. White and silver linoleum floor. Cardboard box on the floor. A yellow wastebasket. A round wooden table. Red roses on the table. A white chair with a pink, blue and white pillow. A stool with a yellow butterfly print checkered pillow. A mahogany chair with a telephone directory and a Sears Roebuck catalog. An aluminum painted radiator. A metal pan with five potted plants is on the radiator. A Frigidaire, a sink, a gas stove, an electric toaster, a Cherry-O cream cheese pie collage, a flower painting and a wreath painting by Jean Conner are on the walls. A bulletin board, a map of the MTA and a map of Boston are on the walls. The window roller blinds have yellow cloth ruffles and white tassle pulls and one light on in the center of the ceiling.

Present are Jean Conner, the artist’s wife, wearing sandals, black slacks, a flowered print blouse (blue, green and white) and grey-rimmed glasses; Robert Conner, the artist’s son, wearing red tennis shoes, white socks, red corduroy trousers, blue and white T-shirt; Donna, Robert’s friend; the author, wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, khaki trousers, black belt, desert boots, black-rimmed glasses, camera and a Swiss stopwatch; Bruce Conner, in grey suit, orange, green and red tie, white shirt, black shoes and black socks, white boxer shorts, self-winding Clinton wristwatch with black leather band, dark glasses with black frames.

11:26:30—Kitchen and table. (Fig. 1)


11:28:22—Table top. (Fig. 2)

11:30:00—Bacon—4 slices. Matchless brand bacon. BiLo Discount price 530. 1 lb. net weight. Keep refrigerated before opening. See instructions on back. To open raise this flap. To re-close, tuck flap into carton. Packed by Armour and Co., General Office, Chicago, Illinois. U.S. Inspected and Passed by Department of Agriculture, Matchless Brand bacon. ESVT Matchless Brand bacon. Keep refrigerated. Easy to open. After lifting flap on face panel, slide out board with bacon. Easy to use. Lift out desired number bf bacon strips. Easy to store. For easy storage, just slide board into carton and tuck in flap. No wax paper needed. EST 879 0026. Cooking instructions—to broil, pre-heat broiler to 350F. Arrange bacon slices on broiler rack and place 4 to 5 inches below heat. Broil 15 minutes until bacon is crisp and golden brown. Turn only once. (Fig. 3)

11:31:30—Cheese. One slice. Phoenix Natural Swiss Cheese. Aged over 60 days. Sliced. 1 lb. net weight. Kraft Foods, Chicago 90, Illinois. Division National Dairy Products.

11:32:00—Banana. (Fig. 4)

11:33:13—Lettuce. (Fig. 5)

11:33:57—Bread. 3 slices. Old Sturbridge 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat bread. Calcium propionate added to retard spoilage. Net weight 1 lb. Creamery butter is the only shortening used in this loaf. 29¢. (Fig. 6)

11:34 :40—Miracle Whip. 47¢. Refrigerate after opening. 1 quart created by Kraft 119J4. Miracle Whip salad dressing. 264-36K. Kraft Foods, Chicago 90, Illinois. Division National Dairy Products. (Fig. 7)

11:35:15—Skippy Peanut Butter. 85¢. Skippy creamy family size net weight 1 lb. 12 oz. Skippy creamy peanut butter Patent Nos. 2504620-2552925-26688554 Made of U.S. Grade No. 1 peanuts partially hardened peanut oil seasoned with salt, sugar and dextrose Best Foods Division Corn Products Co., Portsmouth, Virginia, U.S.A. Stays fresh. (Fig. 8)

11:35:50—Butter. Farmland Brand butter churned from sweet cream highest quality 93 score distributed by Food Fair New England super markets, Boston and Brookline, Massachusetts, 75¢ four quarters net weight 1 lb. (Fig. 9)

11:41:07—Pinch of mold removed from one slice of bread. (not photographed)

11:41:45—Bruce Conner sits in the chair. (not photographed)

11:42:07—One slice of bread. (Fig. 10)

11:42:25—Butter. (Fig. 11, 12)

11:42:50—Lid of peanut butter jar removed.

11:43 :35—The knife enters the jar.

11:43:55—The peanut butter on the knife.

11:44:18—Application of the peanut butter. (Fig.13)

11:44:28—The peanut butter applied.

11:45 :02—Peeling the banana.

11:45:50—Bruce Conner washes his hands. (not photographed)

11:46:10—The banana applied. (Fig. 14)

11:46:38—Miracle Whip placed on the under side of bread slice. (Fig. 15)

11:47:27—Lettuce picked up. (Fig. 16)

11:47:50—The second slice of bread. (Fig. 17)

11:50:15—Butter. (Fig. 18)

11:50:32—Peanut butter.

11:51:00—The cheese folded once.

11:51:15—Swiss cheese. (Fig. 19)

11:52:01—Picking up the bacon. (Fig. 20)

11:52:25—The bacon. (Fig. 21)

11:53:45—The sandwich completed in twelve minutes exactly.

11:57:40—The sandwich.

11:58:40—The sandwich. (Fig. 22)

Thomas H. Garver