PRINT Summer 1968

Museum Calendar

ARIZONA: Phoenix Art Museum: Max Weber to 6/25; Annual, Rip Woods from 6/4.

CALIFORNIA: E. B. Crocker Art Gallery, Sacramento: Claudia Hood 6/30; Collection; The Academic Ideal 6/30; James Coughlin, Micheline Wyler from 7/7; Tang Zi-chang, from 7/7; Charles C. Paine, Mark Richman 8/4.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art: Don Johnson to 7 /7; Karl Benjamin, John McLaughlin from 6/11; Alexander Skrzynska, from 6/18; Permanent Collection, 7/9 to 8/25; Frank Goad 7 /9 to 8/11; Max Finkelstein 7 /16 to 9/1; Alan Parker 7/30 to 9/1.

La Jolla Museum of Art: Hans Hofmann, John Rogers, Susan Long to 6/30; Sheldon Kirby 7/10 to 8/4.

Los Angeles County Museum: Classical Bronzes, American Watercolors to 6/30; Dada, Surrealism and their Heritage, July to Sept.

COLORADO: Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center; Spanish Colonial Sculpture, June, July and August.

KANSAS: Wichita Art Museum: Victorian Art thru 6/9; Annual 6/14 to 8/11.

MASSACHUSETTS: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: French Painting to 6/23.

MINNESOTA: Walker Art Center, Minneapolis: Group Show to 6/23.

NEW YORK: Museum of Modern Art: James Sterling from 6/8; Cartier-Bresson from 6/25; Art of the Real from 7/2; Dada, Surrealism and their Heritage to 6/9.

Guggenheim Museum: Harold Tovish to 6/9; Rousseau, Redon and Fantasy to 9/8.

Whitney Museum of Art: Noguchi to 6/16; Hilaire Hiler to 6/9; New Acquisitions to 7/7; 20th-Century American Group Show from 7/2; Light: Object & Image from 7/23. Museum of Contemporary Crafts: Body Covering; Macrame; and Clothing and Environment to 6/9.

Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, Utica: Henry Moore to 6/16; Student Annual from 6/2.

OHIO: Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin: Faculty Show to 6/10.

OREGON: Portland Art Association: British Art to 6/2; School Annual thru June; Cameroon Art from July.

TEXAS: Museum of Fine Arts of Houston: Kenzo Tangee to 6/14; Sicilian Marionettes from 6/15; Medieval Manuscripts from 6/20; Tunisian Mosaics from 6/22.

UTAH: Salt Lake Art Center: School Show thru 6/16.

WASHINGTON: Seattle Art Museum Pavilion: Pollock, Recent Acquisitions 7/11 to 8/18. Strangle to 6/30.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Corcoran: Teruo Hara to 7/28.

National Gallery of Art: Albright-Knox Art Gallery Collection to 7/21.