PRINT May 1969



Closing his article “Men and Machines” (February), Max Kozloff hints at the eventual obsolescence of art. Since this would be the result of human progress, I say, “Ever Onward.” As an artist, though, I am spontaneously hostile to the suggestion. In defense of both positions, I hope: (a) that art does acknowledge the possibility of impending extinction, and (b) that artists indicate this acknowledgment in their work. Thus, at least for the time being, creative endeavors will prove an adequate expression of consciousness.

As for the future, the human race perpetuates itself through humble awareness. If the species continues, artists can also learn to adapt and survive.

—Kathleen Snipes
Irvine, California

Annette Michelson’s lengthy article on the movie 2001 (February) was all well and good. However, an equally valid critical statement might be that the film was simply an updated and outsized Destination Moon with a regulation-size-and-weight light show thrown in for the psyche-dullards in the audience.

—James L. Hockenhull
Lyons, Colorado

I am preparing a catalogue raisonné of the oil paintings of Arshile Gorky. Information on unpublished or little known Gorky paintings will be appreciated.

—Jim M. Jordan
(Institute Of Fine Arts New York University)
New York, N.Y.