PRINT September 1971


On Frame, 25 minutes, b&w, sound, 1969. Cameraman: Robert Fiore.

PERCEPTION HAS ITS OWN abstract logic and it is often necessary to fit verbal and mathematical formulation (in this instance, measuring) to things rather than the other way around. The size, scale, and three-dimensional ambiguity of film and photographs is usually accepted as one kind of interpretation of (reality). These media fundamentally contradict the perception of the thing to which they allude. Objective physical measurement of real and physical depth coupled with apparent measurement of film depth points to the contradiction posed in the perception of a film or photo. The device of a ruler which functions as a stabilizing or compensating system in the film is the subject of its own contradiction. This contradiction is reinforced as a continuous direction and dialogue between the performer and the cameraman points to the illusion of the frame space.

On Color-aid, 35 minutes, Kodachrome, sound. Cameraman: Robert Fiore.

A STACK OF COLOR-AID swatches is filmed closeup, centered, and overhead. The color fills the frame. The frame changes continuously every five to thirty seconds by a simple hand wipe. This device, the hand-manipulated frame change of saturated color, alters consecutively the light, space, depth, and color of each image. Color changes and afterimages occur. The screen is received somewhat as an object, in as much as the surface and space of each frame is holistic. The sync sound is that of the swatches wiping.

Richard Serra