PRINT January 1981


Fashion Moda is located at 2803 Third Avenue in the business district of the South Bronx, an area of severe urban devastation. Above the door a local graffiti artist has drawn our logo which always appears in English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian to reflect both our local and international objectives.

Fashion Moda has been around forever, but as of the summer, 1978, it finally had an address. Fashion Moda is impossible to define because by definition we have no definition. There is no permanent exhibition and often not much of a planned schedule. So far we have had approximately 55 events that include exhibitions, installations, concerts, video tapes, films, performances, demonstrations of inventions. . . . Right now we have a show by graffiti artists which extends to New York’s subways and the walls of the Bronx. Fashion Moda artists, participants and audience, come from the neighborhood, downtown, uptown and out of town. Some of our shows within the last two years were: “Sentence Philosophy” by Jenny Holzer, “On Alien Intelligences,” documentation and visuals by a group of artists, “The Face Castings of South Bronx Residents” by John Ahearn, “The Face of Jazz,” selected photos from Ray Ross. “Inventions” by David Wells, “Animals Living in Cities” curated by Christy Rupp, with artists, scientists, non-professionals and children, “Jesus Comes to the Bronx” by Polly Esther Nation, “Science/Math Projects” by Community School District 9, in the Bronx, “The Art of Survival” by Charlie Ahearn and Ypants—a band.

Stefan Eins, Founder, Director
Joe Lewis, Director
William Scott, Junior Director