PRINT November 1983


Hot Pink poses odalisque fashion
as High Yellow comes at it all backwards.
Yellow’s damp soot-coloured nose sniffs the bouquet of Pink’s
blooming rosebud. This serene tableau is punctuated by the
rhythmic beat of Agent Orange entering the picture.
Nosy Yellow picks up the scent as Orange tails along driving home the message.

Hot Pink’s post-akimbo pose results in a laid-back posture.
High Yellow is on top of it all. Yellow’s loose lips ape a lack of
anal retention. It’s hard to tell what Agent Orange is sticking his
nose into this time. Perhaps the bottom line is lazy Yellow sitting
down on the job. But it’s almost sure that in certain circles
the Agent is defoliating Pink.

Agent Orange poses for the taxidermist
while balancing deliciously on strained elbows with vacant ass.
Orange picks up Hot Pink’s stink and follows the bouncing ball.
High Yellow pulls up a seat. Pink panting pokes a paw at the
fellow in Yellow who’s bottoming out on Pink’s kisser.
Pink reciprocates below the belt
and almost sees eye to eye with Orange.

Out of nowhere High Yellow floods onto the set,
perhaps swamping the scene a bit but not watering it down.
Yellow gangs up on Agent Orange in slam barn fashion. Hot
Pink’s tongue circles the navel of Orange. Pink’s nosey snout
combs the Agent’s coiffed plummage for a hint of pink flesh.
Orange paws Pink’s tail and shifts the action into high gear.

Dicks without Janes frieze the action.
It’s a dog eat dog world for Agent Orange in this configuration.
High Yellow freshly squeezes Orange’s juices. In heat, Hot Pink
goes at it ass backwards pressing the correct tender buttons.
Yellow is in the Pink who has Orange high-tailing it. On tip toe
Orange pirouettes on the tip of Yellow’s tongue.


*The ‘Dog House’ panels, representing a geometry of sex performed by triplicated poodles in unduplicated poses, are the most recent artifacts to surface from the ruins of the 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion.

In these painted wall murals and their companion texts, the three artists of General Idea have dissected the relationships of triangles in social circles. In this world of dog eat dog eat dog, poodles rule. As consorts for the invisible artists, they locate another network of imagery in that iconographic network which constitutes the Pavillion.

On the preceding page we reproduce an artist’s reconstruction of the largest and least typical panel. The original work, now in the collection of the Lucio Amelio Foundation, was never completed. While the work of the early eighties reproduced the ornamental ruins of their own mythical future, debris from an ambiguous catastrophe that leveled the Pavillion, this work appears to have been interrupted by the very catastrophe it anticipated. The only artifact discovered from the 1984 period, it will probably be the first of a series of unfinished works to surface.

The black and white drawings, with their illustrative texts, are excerpts from the unpublished manuscript Mondo Cane Kama Sutra.