PRINT December 1983


What must be done is to imagine the author.

What is revealed to the glance is the moment before all definition, the moment beyond which all definition will become possible. The interval that separates us from the image is the eternity which is consumed by our initial expectations.

Seeing is entrusted to the nine male figures: these still-to-become (or already-have-been) officiaries are the quintessence of inexpressivity and distance. Wearing the clothes of a valet de chambre, their presence is anonymous and discreet indeed.

The artist is distant, to admire the silence of the constellations.

Reference note for reading the project as an overlaid view of my earliest work and my most recent, as yet unfinished work:

Geometric Drawing, 1960. The points of intersection of the lines—the two diagonals and the perimeter—essential to the determination of a surface, are nine in number: the four vertices, the four median points of each side, and the center of the rectangle.

The nine original points from this earlier drawing are intended here as nine sites occupied by personages in the act of demonstrating all possible signs gathered or evoked in these pages.