PRINT November 1984

O Artworld

O Artworld
Michael Brownstein

I’m sorry I embarrassed both of us
when I recently appeared at your door again
holding out my hand, an open palm
videotaped according to your instructions
though I’m not so dumb I can’t remember
lo these fifteen years ago
the exact moment in 1970 when Sally
stopped talking forever to Marjorie
because Marjorie had sold her Soho loft
for six thousand dollars profit.
Things certainly have changed since then.
We won’t even talk about Soho, but
now the ten largest buyers of art
in New York City are corporations
it all gets stored away on racks
in climate-controlled warehouses
although actually things are cold enough
out on the gallery floor
the stuff could just as well be left where it is
on those vast expanses of polished hardwood
where the bad champagne
is served to whoever shows up

Michael Brownstein, author of the novel Country Cousins (New York: George Braziller, 1974), is a poet and fiction writer. His latest book is Oracle Night: A Love Poem (College Park, MD: Sun & Moon Press, 1982).