PRINT February 1986


Inventing Pangaea. Jones’ and Ginzel’s whole-earth recipe.

PANGEA, 1985. PANGEA IS the hypothetical continent from which all of the earth’s continents separated. It is referred to here through spheres, a blue violet sky, light rays, a steaming volcano, five cones, a circular blue pool, a flaming corona, a volcanic landscape. The elements: flames, carbon dioxide vapor, incandescent light, pigment, muslin, water, rubber, ammonium chloride smoke, sand. Backstage props: alcohol flames, Aqua Net hair spray, cotton wick, petri dishes, an aluminum channel, ellipsoidal spotlights, plant-mister spray, a fiberglass on plywood pool, acrylic and casein paints, a tin latex meteorological balloons, sand, Ping-Pong balls, a ladder, Sheetrock, dry ice, an electric wok, muslin, lead weights, electric conduit, a hot plate, ammonium chloride, three-volt lamps.

“On Location” project for Artforum by Kristen Jones and Andrew Ginzel. Photographed by T. Charles Erickson. The work, Pangaea—created in order to be photographed—was destroyed. Its dimension were 9 x 15 x 20’.

Jones and Ginzel are artists who live in New York. They have worked together for four years, and have collaborated on specific art works since May of 1985. T. Charles Erickson lives in New Haven and photographs the theater and performing arts.