PRINT October 1986

THE WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY: A project for Artforum

WELCOME TO THE WORLD of Photography and open your eyes to a whole new way of seeing. Learn how to transform a seemingly ordinary everyday scene into something worthy of framing. Discover why photography has captured the imagination of photobuffs, scientists, and publicists for years.

After reviewing almost all the material on photography, we have developed an alternative to the same old boring how-to instructional course which should prove beneficial to both the beginner and the skilled photographer. Even though light is at the root of photography, we need to go behind closed doors to see how a picture really develops. What we have done here is to condense our “slice of life” method, which follows the “day in the life” of the professional with his eager student, and to turn it into a colorful glossy supplement with easy-to-follow tips and steps illustrating basic darkroom procedures including proper uniform, chemical mixtures, exposure settings, and other important principles.

Before you can even begin to carve out your own niche it’s important to ask yourself one tough question: Do You Have the Aptitude? Take time with this question. The beginner should consider both the financial and the emotional responsibility. The professional photographer should consider his/her market. After getting over this hurdle you can be-gin your first reading of this truncated primer. Then you should be well on your way not only to acquiring a mastery of the basics, but also to a deep understanding of photography as a way of life.