PRINT September 1993


IN THIS CONTINUING series of essays, Artforum invites a critic or theorist to articulate what he or she see as the roles and responsibilities of criticism today. For this special issue we have turned to three authors who we feel have special relevance for art criticism, and for the broader discussion of which it is a part.

A former associate editor at Artforum (1973–75) and a founding editor of the journal October, Rosalind Krauss is a professor of art history at Columbia University, New York. She is the author of numerous articles and books on art and the avant-garde, the most recent of which, The Optical Unconscious, appeared this spring from MIT Press.

John Rajchman, a professor at the Collège International de Philosophie, Paris, is the author of several books on philosophy, including Truth and Eros: Foucault, Lacan and the Question of Ethics. He is an editor at October and Any magazines, and is the editor of The Identity in Question, forthcoming from Routledge.

Homi Bhabha is a lecturer in English at Sussex University, England. He edited the essay collection Nation and Narration for Routledge, which will also publish his next book, The Location of Culture, this fall.