PRINT November 1996

Web Magazines

When they caught Ed Gein (the serial killer Psycho was based on), the thing that really made people think he was crazy—besides all the body parts—was the mess. Newspapers and magazines stacked in huge teetering piles against the walls, moldering away in the parlor, rotting along with everything else in the kitchen (though he did keep his mother’s room clean). Poor Ed was a serious pack rat. Which is not to imply some sort of causal relationship. It’s just that the old magazine situation can so easily get out of hand.
Online publications solve this problem by being both free and electronic—there’s nothing to throw away, or keep either. And since they’re in a medium that allows for interactivity, some of them even have other advantages (multimedia, links to other sites, and so on) which we’ll get into this month.

Mark Van de Walle writes regularly for Artforum.