PRINT Summer 1997

Mark Van de Walle on Art and Artists' Projects

Unless you’ve got an ISDN hookup, or even a T3, looking at art on the Web is still a band-width hogging, patience-testing, time—eating affair—like leafing through an art book after a three-year-old with a mouthful of gum and a lollipop in both hands has just read it. You know there's amazing stuff waiting there, it's just so . . . difficult . . . to get the pages unglued. Still, when you consider the amazing popularity of, for instance, Web porn sites, which have really slow servers because of the sheer volume of people trying to access the pic of the week (you know who you are), obviously the will is there. It's just a matter of finding stuff worth waiting for. This month, in accordance with the time—honored belief that media should both entertain and edify, we're featuring visually intelligent sites that are at least as interesting as Ms. or Mr. Babe of the Day.

Mark Van de Walle contributes Hot List monthly to Artforum.