PRINT October 1998

Paul McCarthy

Sour milk
Late arrival
M. Cram, “This sour milk.”

Ed Kienholz, LA County Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Wallace Berman, Ferris Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Dieter Roth, Eugenia Butler Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Suitcase full of stinky cheese 1970
Show closed by Board of Health

Milk that has become sour milk
One should drink sour milk

Martin Kippenberger
Kurt Kren
Dieter Roth

Myth of rotting cheese

Black book, 3/4 x 5 x 7",
Cal Arts Library, 1970
I misplace the book, 1971

Cheese and chocolate, rotting matter
Cheese and chocolate are breaking down
Fumes escaping, a constant transformation of material
The inevitable consequence, nonarchival
Rotting cheese
The body as rotting

The suitcase of rotting cheese was buried some time in 1980
The multiple, Soft Nippets, long lost multiple
33 Plastic Cube Containers, containing cheese painted red
Each one signed and numbered by Dieter Roth
Fabricated by John Reed, None were sold
Kept on shelves in a white cupboard in a garage
From 1970 to the present, location Hancock Park, Los Angeles
Association of Dieter Roth’s work and the garage

Paul McCarthy is a Los Angeles–based artist.