PRINT December 1999

Christina Kelly

1. Nirvana (Nevermind) I can’t possibly think of anything new to say about this album. It’s everything good about the ’90s.

2. Hole (Live Through This) The visceral female screaming is so cathartic, and it’s real easy to sing along to.

3. Smashing Pumpkins (Gish) The drumming was the first thing I noticed when I heard the advance of this album. It’s still pretty exciting.

4. Afghan Whigs (Gentlemen) An addictive, down-and-dirty album about egregious male behavior.

5. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Now I Got Worry) Cheat-on-your-boyfriend rock from the handsomest man in the business.

6. Guided by Voices (Bee Thousand) These songs make me feel happy (no easy task), and they’re short.

7. Bikini Kill (Reject All American) Ballsy, loudmouthed, inspirational.

8. Joan Jett (“Love Is All Around”) A large part of my identity was ripped off from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Joan Jett’s cover of the theme song really is perfect.

9. Elastica (Elastica) Who cares if they borrowed from Wire. It works.

10. Beck (Odelay) The befuddled genius-boy’s masterpiece.