PRINT November 2000

Miltos Manetas

ARTFORUM IS SUCH AN UN-NEEN MAGAZINE. (If you don't know what that means, go to immediately.) A structure as clean as the proverbial brightly lit cube and heavy on heavy-duty content, the magazine's as big, classic, and white as the Acropolis. So recommending web sites to Artforum readers makes me feel like I'm serving fast food in a church. And because the Web is nothing but “info,” I'm offering up info on info—which seems about as fitting for Artforum as a piece on New British Art for Cosmo. But I may be wrong, so here are some WWW musts, places that aren't art or even arty but “alive” in a way only computer civilization can simulate—in short, places that are totally neen.

Miltos Manetas is an artist living in Los Angeles.