PRINT March 2002

Vuk Cosic

Suggesting Web links is a little like recommending books: You don’t do it for just anyone. When guests come to my home in Slovenia I always offer them something to eat and drink, and sometimes a place to stay for the night. If they’re people I really like, I show them my cherished books, and then we have a nice little chat.
But by offering up the following websites here, I’m escorting you directly into the library—no drinks, food, or lodging. (That’s the good news about life in the virtual community—it’s practical and efficient. The bad news is, it’s practical and efficient.) Consider this a quick-and-dirty guide to the sites I’ve been visiting quite a bit these days; if you’re looking for a grand unifying theory behind them, good luck!

Net-art pioneer Vuk Cosic lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and represented his country at last summer’s Venice Biennale. A monograph on his ASCII works, Contemporary ASCII, was published in 1999 by Galerija Kapelica.