PRINT Summer 2002



Forcefield, a four-member collective based in Providence, Rhode Island, originated as a band in 1995 and has since expanded into video and installation. Their work was included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial, and a CD, Third Annual Roggabogga, will be released by Load Records in June. For Artforum’s Summer Top Ten, Forcefield presents their favorite scenic locations.

1. Colt State Park, Bristol, RI.

2. Providence Police Station (viewed from the sky, it is shaped like a 9 mm handgun).

3. The Planted Forest, Nickerson State Park, Brewster, MA.

4. Forcefield at Conklin Limestone Quarry, Lincoln, RI. Clockwise from left: Meerk Puffy, Gorgon Radeo, and P Lobe (Le Geef not pictured). Photo: Hisham Akira Bharoocha.

5. Tidal Flats, Cape Cod, MA.

6. Eagle Square (R.1.P.—soon to be a Shaw’s supermarket), Providence, RI.

7. The Gay Woods on the Sedronk River, Providence, RI.

8. P Lobe in the Sewer (brick runoff tube leading from VA Medical Center), Providence, RI.

9. Swan Point Cemetery (home of H.P. Lovecraft), Providence, RI.

10. The Train Tunnel (warm in winter, cool in summer), Providence, RI. Top: Meerk Puffy in the Painted Desert.