PRINT October 2002

Joseph Nechvatal

It’s tough to learn the ins and outs of a secret society if you don’t know the handshake. Happily, the Internet makes available esoteric traditions that were once virtually inaccessible—from Gnosticism and Hermetism to Tantra, magic(k), and Freemasonry. Many arcane texts and images, once difficult to obtain and prohibitively expensive, can now be downloaded free, making this material available to artists—or anyone—with special affection for esoterica. As Yves Klein said in his Chelsea Hotel Manifesto: “Long live the Immaterial!”

Joseph Nechvatal has been making computer-assisted robotic paintings since 1986. His most recent show, “vOluptuary: an algorithmic hermaphornology,” was on view this summer at Universal Concepts Unlimited in New York.