PRINT December 2005

FILM: Best of 2005

Chrissie Iles


1 “DESTRICTED” For this series of short films, Marina Abramovic, Matthew Barney, Marco Brambilla, Larry Clark, Mike Figgis, Sam Taylor-Wood, and Gaspar Noé have—or soon will have—created (at the behest of Neville Wakefield, Mel Agace, and Andrew Hale) some of the sexiest moments in recent cinema. Strictly for adults.

2 AUA AUA (DOROTHY IANNONE) Living in Germany since the late ’60s, expatriate Dorothy Iannone has created a voluptuous, libertarian, and unashamedly erotic body of work. A film (from 1972) framed within a large, hand-painted box sculpture, Aua Aua celebrates life with her lover Dieter Roth.

3 FALLEN (FRED KELEMEN) Kelemen’s searing camera follows the existential crisis of a man tortured by his failure to stop a woman jumping from a bridge and his journey through the city of Riga, retracing her life.

4 STORIES ARE PROPAGANDA (PHILIPPE PARRENO AND RIRKRIT TIRAVANIJA) An anxious poem of what-ifs and do-you-remember-whens, this love letter to the recent past describes our world as it rapidly recedes into a fading collective memory.

5 DREAMING OF THE DREAM OF THE DREAM (JORDAN WOLFSON) Wolfson’s silent collage of water sequences from classic cartoons exists in one print only. When the print wears out, the film ceases to exist.

6 PEDESTRIAN CINEMA (BERNADETTE CORPORATION) In this yearlong project in Berlin, Bernadette Corporation questions the role of cinema, articulating it as an ongoing action incorporating projection, screen, wall, objects, street, and time.

7 GUARDS (FRANCIS ALŸS) As part of his Artangel project “7 Walks,” Alÿs’s film tracks sixty-four Coldstream Guards walking through the Square Mile of London.

8 BURN (OR, THE 2ND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS) (BRADLEY EROS) A vertical section of found footage of a stripper melts as Eros burns the film before our eyes, to the sound of Scorsese taxi driver Travis Bickle describing the “filthy mass” of pimps, prostitutes, and hoodlums who pour into New York’s streets at night.

9 WINTER SOLDIER (WINTERFILM COLLECTIVE) Veterans recount their experiences in Vietnam in this searing 1972 film rereleased this year.

10 EXCAVATING TAYLOR MEAD (WILLIAM KIRKLEY) A documentary portrait of the life of Warhol film star, poet extraordinaire, and national treasure Taylor Mead.

The Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz curator of contemporary art at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Chrissie Iles is co-organizing the Museum’s 2006 Biennial.