PRINT December 2005

FILM: Best of 2005

John Waters


1 LAST DAYS (GUS VAN SANT) How does Gus get away with making films this great? So arty, so sexy, so maddeningly cool that I’m jealous. Michael Pitt is better at being Kurt Cobain than Kurt was.

2 PALINDROMES (TODD SOLONDZ) Todd makes the perfect abortion movie: kind, scary, fair, and with amazing musical numbers! Come on over to Broadway, Mr. Solondz—we could use you.

3 A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE (DAVID CRONENBERG) Maria Bello is the best actress of the year, and for once you believe a scene in which the leading lady vomits from being shocked.

4 GRIZZLY MAN (WERNER HERZOG) Timothy Treadwell is the Richard Simmons of the real-life grizzly set, and who ever would have expected Werner Herzog to be the voice of reason?

5 SARABAND (INGMAR BERGMAN) When elegant, stunning Liv Ullman counts the seconds of a minute in real screen time, it’s more thrilling than any action movie. No Botox for this beauty; she looks fresher than all of Hollywood’s top female stars put together.

6 MYSTERIOUS SKIN (GREGG ARAKI) The best movie about pedophilia ever made. If you missed this one, you’re stupid.

7 THE ARISTOCRATS (PAUL PROVENZA) Will make you want to rush from the theater and shout out dirty words to strangers. I laffed ’til I cried, and I hate jokes.

8 BROKEN FLOWERS (JIM JARMUSCH) Even more beautiful than Alexis Dziena’s bush are the slow, exquisite shots of Bill Murray driving. Whatever the exact opposite of carsick is—that’s what this movie made me.

9 HEAD ON (FATIH AKIN) A David and Lisa for the criminally insane moviegoer. You’ll feel like dating an alcoholic after seeing this Turkish/German love story from hell.

10 2046 (WONG KAR-WAI) How can a film that slightly lets you down be so great? No actress wears eye makeup better than Gong Li.

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