PRINT February 2011


LOOK AT DOCUMENTATION of a world apart from the one we seem to live in and were born into. People call it a parallel world. But “parallel” is all a human mind can come up with when contemplating worlds that may equal ours in outer and, yes, even all inner appearances, and yet are out of reach, so that you could stretch out an arm to touch them with a finger like a little stick. You cannot poke them. Thus a human cannot really know these worlds. They are unable to understand that, – – – – (h i jime), by having witnessed such worlds, know that emotions exhibited by pulling muscular strings within bodies are not what they have been known for here at all. It may well be a sacrilege even to make the assertion that anything within this world, or its origin, is comparable to what you can know. And may I say that, as much as I was happiest to see and feel some, I am now in total despair upon this annunciation, for I find my yearning, which had multiplied itself to an eternal extent in some measly human love, to falter and stumble. And yes, you may say: How can this surprise you?

Well, I do not want to hate what at least incorporates the faintest hope, that it may derive from this otherworldliness, meaning what I am to be reflecting in this current state, or what reflects me.

So says he