PRINT February 2011


MadeIn, In mass exercise, the greater the conflict between theory and reality, the stronger its eagerness to impose beliefs on others, 2010, color photograph, 59 x 103 3/8". From the series “True Image,” 2010–.


MADEIN COMPANY IS AN ENTERPRISE. All the people here have been hired: They are employees of the company. The company is like an army, and all the employees are superstars.

Our everyday work consists of creating, unceasingly. The company’s rule is to urge people to create. This is not too different from the way many artists work, other than that the system of the company is not based on deception, as often happens in the art world; every employee here is credited.

Since its establishment in 2009, MadeIn Company has curated and participated in numerous exhibitions, and produced various series of works, including collages and installations based on political cartoons (“Spread”), “Middle Eastern–style” works that touch on cultural clichés and globalization (“Seeing One’s Own Eyes” and “Lonely Miracle”), and photographs and videos of artworks, dealing with the power of media (“True Image”). MadeIn Company was also part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail project, presented this year at the Shanghai Biennale.

Aside from these projects—developed by our creation department, MadeIn Laboratory—there is MadeIn Space, which organizes projects with other artists, and MadeIn Research Center, where studies in fields ranging from art to psychology to sociology are being carried out. We also support the online contemporary art forum Art-Ba-Ba.

What is exciting for us is the corporatization system. It is a very good way of displacing the anxiety of creation, without any individual representation. Not aspiring to uniqueness might, in a sense, be a freedom.

Madein Company is based in Shanghai.