PRINT May 2013


the Judd Foundation’s 101 Spring Street


WHEN I BEGAN HELPING Flavin and Rainer Judd with their father’s estate, there were discussions about selling the building. Instead, we were able to resolve the building code challenges, secure the necessary funds, and carry out Donald Judd’s wishes for permanently preserving his home and studio.

Our task was to create safe public access to the spaces and ensure that the environment was appropriate for the preservation of objects and artworks, while minimally impacting Judd’s interventions into the structure and layout. The building had no climate control, for example, and its large windows create a substantial solar heat load. Aesthetically, it was unacceptable for mechanical equipment and air-distribution ductwork to be visible, yet such systems were crucial for the long-term preservation of the building’s contents. Working with Arup and art conservators, we evaluated mechanical systems and optimal climate conditions for preserving the collection and the building and devised a solution that could function and hide within the limited available wall space. The visible changes are minimal; the effort to install these systems was substantial.

Rob Beyer is a principal at Kingsland Capital Management and a member of the board of directors of the Judd Foundation.