PRINT December 2013


Seth Siegelaub

SETH SIEGELAUB was a conceptually brilliant art dealer and producer. I remember him as an intellectual catalyst who took his stable of slightly experimental but somewhat conventional young artists into media prominence. I initially met Seth when he invited me to share my ideas about “information” to his artists and a group of fellow participant “thinkers.” I admit I was (and remain) suspicious about the “idea” of “Conceptual art” as a movement based on pseudoserious oversimplifications supposedly merging philosophy and art. (My earlier magazine pieces related mostly to the anarchistic, subversive humor of artists such as Piero Manzoni, On Kawara, and Stanley Brouwn.) The “movement” Seth helped to create was a great media/advertising design ploy designed to promote this new art movement, involving, first of all, Seth’s gallery artists. But over the years I watched these artists develop individual oeuvres of work based on more open-ended forms (like Lawrence Weiner’s films, collaborative books, and records); I especially appreciated the humor in Douglas Huebler’s continually evolving work.

Dan Graham is an artist who writes, living in New York.