PRINT September 2015

“Resistance Performed: Aesthetic Strategies Under Repressive Systems in Latin America”

Curated by Heike Munder

In 1979, at the height of Brazil’s military dictatorship, the artist group 3nós3 (Mario Ramiro, Hudinilson Jr., and Rafael França) surreptitiously slipped plastic bags over several monuments throughout São Paulo. Around the same time, Chile’s Colectivo Acciones de Arte challenged the Pinochet regime with theatrical interventions in the streets. In Heike Munder’s survey of subversive artistic actions in Latin America, these and other episodes staged by figures such as León Ferrari, Anna Bella Geiger, and Marta Minujín are put in dialogue with works by contemporary artists in an attempt to demonstrate how resistance can be rethought today. A publication including essays by writers from the region such as Rodrigo Alonso, Miguel A. López, Nelly Richard, and Cristiana Tejo accompanies the exhibition.